inner grounds journey

a 6-week group workshop for creative expansion and personal liberation

For the past 5 years, I have had the honor of serving as a coach, guide, healer and facilitator of transformation for individuals and groups seeking to uplift themselves and others through creative expression and spiritual connection. In my own life, creativity has always been the main catalyst for massive change. In the midst of a dark period of depression - which I later came to know as a “dark night of the soul” - it was creativity guided by intuition, rather than expectation, which opened the door to true and lasting healing. When I released the belief that my art needed to look or sound a certain way, and relinquished my need for validation, I was able to truly experience my full creative powers. As I sang, played, painted and danced for me rather than to prove something, it no longer felt like it was just me and my voice - I could feel the sensations of spirit coursing through me and flowing freely out of me into song, poetry, and what felt like pure magic. I fell in love with this feeling, and I knew I had found my life's purpose. I learned to allow my life and my music to be guided by this inner wellspring, and to help others do the same.