Anna Margaret Diorio (Anna MD) is a multi-genre transformative artist with roots in Jazz and branches in Hip Hop. Hailing from a long lineage of Jazz musicians, Anna has a deep love for intuitive musicality which you can hear in all her artistic work. Her grandmother was Jazz singer Betty Scott who studied, sang and released an album with legendary pianist Lennie Tristano. Her father, Mark Diorio, is a guitarist and pianist who began teaching Anna how to sing Jazz standards at a very young age, igniting a lifelong passion for music and free self-expression. 


Always a poet and long-time lover of Hip-Hop, Anna’s inner rapper was unleashed while emerging from a “dark night of the soul” in college. Recovering from a 10-year epilepsy diagnosis and deep depression, music helped her heal, transforming pain into beauty. While beginning a journey of holistic wellness, mindfulness and spiritual awakening, rhymes began to flow forth and free styling came naturally. As Anna continued creating and sharing, she saw that her music had the capacity to help others heal and empower themselves, igniting the spark of her life's purpose. 


Fusing her studies in Jazz improvisation and her spirit’s need to channel messages in service of a brighter and more just world, Emceeing became a natural expression of Anna’s growth as an artist and person.



As an emcee, Anna is fierce and authentic. Under the moniker Happy Accident, she became widely known in the NYC underground Hip Hop scene for her champion-level freestyles focused on love, positivity, female empowerment, social and environmental justice, unity and spiritual growth. In 2015 she released a 6-track EP as Happy Accident, entitled “In No Sense Lost”, and several singles in the subsequent years. Performing regularly and jumping in every cypher possible, Anna honed her skills and lived submerged in the worlds of Hip Hop, Jazz and independent artistry. While in New York, Anna also worked for Bridging Education & Art Together (BEAT Global) using Hip Hop education to empower youth in underserved communities. Working with young people inspired Anna to further her own vision of using music as a tool for healing and transformation. Holding a strong commitment to building community through music, Anna created and hosted a monthly showcase, jam session and cypher called WHAT NOW? Sessions for two years before passing the torch to her co-host Dizzy SenZe and moving to Los Angeles in 2018. 


Always fearless and never hesitant to jump on stage and rock the mic, Anna had become more widely recognized in 2017 for freestyling onstage at an RA the Rugged Man concert. In a burst of inspiration, Anna flew to LA to write and record what would later become her debut album, Inner Grounds with her long-time friend, collaborator and producer SriKala. She says, “when I was making this project, it felt like my future self had come back in time to write, rap and sing through me, and now my job is to catch up with her”. 


Since then, Anna rebranded from Happy Accident to her birth name of Anna Diorio to reveal a more authentic expression of herself, raised over $8,000 via Kickstarter to bring Inner Grounds to completion, went on a deep spiritual, emotional and physical healing journey, let go of almost all her physical belongings, packed up a car and moved to Los Angeles - touring across the country with Dizzy SenZe on the way (#SheroAdventures). She has filmed 3 music videos (coming in 2020), spearheaded the #28DaysOfBars challenge to post daily freestyle videos on Instagram (January 2019 had almost 30 artists and emcees participate), completed a midwest tour with Miss Eaves (#UnapologeticAF), Released Inner Grounds (December 2018), created and facilitated multiple transformative workshops for artists, and began recording a collaborative EP with Joe Con (The Upgrade, coming in 2020). 


Anna’s next solo project will be a return to her roots in Jazz and songwriting. It will feature songs from her soul that represent a natural maturing of her creative expression. It will fuse all aspects and phases of her journey and is dedicated to authenticity, freedom, love, power, integrity and joy for all beings.