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A B O U T  A N N A

Anna Diorio (fka Happy Accident) is an emcee, singer, songwriter, pianist and transformational educator. Hailing from a long lineage of Jazz musicians, Anna began playing piano at 5 years old, singing jazz standards at 11 and writing poetry as a teenager. This quickly evolved into writing rhymes and freestyle emceeing as a natural extension of her love for wordplay and vocal improvisation. With a wide range of influences from Billie Holiday and Ms. Lauryn Hill to Regina Spektor, KRS-One and A Tribe Called Quest, her music dances the lines between jazz, hip hop, R&B, neo-soul, indie pop and singer-songwriter. No matter the genre, Anna's music stays true to the underlying themes of authenticity, vulnerability, transformation, freedom, faith, joy, forgiveness, and unconditional love.

After releasing an EP and several singles as Happy Accident from 2015-2017, as well as hosting monthly jam sessions in Brooklyn NY, Anna chose to drop the moniker and embrace her artistic multi-dimensionality with her birth name: Anna Diorio. Her debut album Inner Grounds (2018, produced by Sri Kala) has made waves in the conscious hip hop scene, especially the single Wild Woman (featuring Medusa the Gangsta Goddess), a female empowerment anthem for the new earth paradigm. Since then, Anna has released multiple singles and music videos. Since 2021, Anna been working with web3 communities to innovate breakthroughs, empowering artists around the world to reclaim sovereignty, ownership and financial freedom through music NFT's.

In the past few years, Anna has released multiple music videos, singles, and a 100% improvised freestyle EP entitled Aries Season with Kevin Haines and Numinous the Bard. Her dedication to creative freedom remains unwavering, and she is currently working on a 4-track EP, scheduled to be released Summer 2024 with singles sprinkled along the way. 

Her latest releases include an indie pop banger Low Battery, and two collaborations - the beauty all around with Myles Bullen & Becky Krill, and We Can Rise with Mystical Joyride.

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“Anna Diorio aka Happy Accident is a true student of Hip Hop”

-Upcoming Hip Hop

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